I specialize in stringed instrument repairs. This includes electric and acoustic guitars, mandolins, violins/fiddles, violas and cellos.
Repairs and services can range from  setups, fret crowning and replacement, binding repair, bridgework, saddle and nut builds or adjustments, to sound post resets and rebuilds, structural repairs such as cracks and broken parts, etc.. You may not know exactly what’s wrong with your instrument, but have a sense that it’s not playing the way you would like. Don’t worry, I offer free estimates. If it’s a small issue that I could talk you through to do it yourself, I’d be happy to save you some money as well.

Shop rate is $50 per hour.

All parts needed for services and repairs are sold separately, and subject to state and local taxes.

Service and Repair Warranty

All repairs are warrantied for one year.

Please CONTACT me for a free estimate.

Call Dan Harris @ 720.352.3641

with questions about your repair needs!