My instruments are individually handcrafted from the finest tonewoods available.
I pay special attention to the following three areas in each and every one:
  •    TONE – How does it sound? Is it bright and clean? Woody and warm?
  •    PLAYABILITY – Is it easy to play? Or a chore? (It shouldn’t be. It should call out your name each time you walk by it!)
  •    AESTHETICS – Is it pretty? Is it unique and cool, well built with a fine finish?
I offer instruments at various price points and options to suit your personal preferences such as tonewoods, bindings, neck shape, etc.. All instruments come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty* to the original owner against defects in material and workmanship.


Click on the images below to see some of the models available.


  • Campfire guitars (minimal customization options) – $1800
  • Custom guitars starting at $2500.
  • OM, Dreadnaught, Classical and Flamenco models
  • Price subject to change depending on options such as tonewoods, binding, and hardware.


  • Campfire mandolins (only available in F style, minimal customization options) – $1800
  • Custom A style mandolins starting at $2500
  • Custom F style mandolins starting at $3500
  • Price subject to change depending on options such as tonewoods, binding, and hardware.


  • Campfire fiddles (minimal customization options)
  • Starting at $750

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to start your very own instrument!

* Dan Harris Instrument Co. Ltd Lifetime Warranty does not include strings, tuners or installed parts such as pickups that may be covered by another manufacturers warranty. Also not included in this warranty are defects caused by negligence or failure to adhere to recommended care and maintenance.