Welcome to the Dan Harris Instrument Company 
With regret I announce that I’ve dissolved the Dan Harris Instrument Company LTD. as of October 2017.
In early 2018 I intend to reorganize and expand my woodworking offerings and no longer do instrument repairs.
Please visit in a few months to see what I’ve been up too.

Campfire Instruments

In 2016 I introduced the Campfire line of instruments.  These are guitars, mandolins, and fiddles that I build from kits purchased from the leading suppliers in the industry. These instruments offer the customer an opportunity to get into a handcrafted instrument at a significant savings. I purchase the kits with some of the brute work already done (the sides are typically already bent to shape, the neck is roughed cut and the top and back pieces are joined). This allows for a quicker turnaround time and still provides a high level of control over the areas that matter the most for optimal tone, playability, and aesthetics.


I’m a Luthier

I grew up with a guitar in my hands for as long back as I can remember. As a teenager, I had a strong interest in woodworking and guitar making and would often tinker around with the finish or pickups on my guitars. It wasn’t until several years after getting my BA in classical guitar that I got around to taking a bona fide guitar making course at Vermont Instrument Company, in Fairfield VT, under George Morris. I came out with a really nice guitar and got a good foundation. In 2003 I started building guitars and mandolins as a hobby while working a day job in the corporate world and playing music on the side. In 2014 I established Dan Harris Instrument Co, Ltd with the goal of building the finest guitars and mandolins that I can.

Recently I severed ties with the office job to devote myself to instrument building and repair. In addition, I give guitar and mandolin lessons at two local music schools, and gig around the area as a singer-songwriter when I can get the work. Sometimes I have to take a break from guitars and mandolins; I enjoy playing the fiddle, fly fishing, archery hunting, and growing a big garden with my wife Rosie Harris (who built this site and is my biggest supporter). Rounding out our family is Lucy, the English Springer Spaniel. We train her for field trials and pheasant hunting, but she really seems to enjoy stealing little pieces of wood out of my shop.

My Little Shop

I’ve been in my current spot for the past 8 years. It is a tiny 14×14 shed that in its first life served as a balloon shop. When I bought the house, the shed was in disrepair and required an extensive overhaul. I rewired it, replaced the insulation, built interior walls, popped in a window and a heat source. After years of bouncing around between rentals, working in garages, and a little alcove at the bottom of a flight of stairs, I finally had a permanent workshop. Now I have two benches; and an AC in the window for the hot summer days. Almost all of my work is done with hand tools; I use just a few power tools, mainly the band saw, drum sander, and drill press. Set up an appointment some time to check it out.


Call Dan Harris @ 720.352.3641

It would be a pleasure to help you!